the easy way to talk

The ability to contact people, and to be contacted, at the press of a button offers great peace of mind which is so important, especially for older people, whether living independently or otherwise.

Some people simply don’t want the added complications of a modern day smartphone. Our OwnFone Mobile handset and allows the user to make calls to their pre-programmed numbers (up to 12) and receive calls from anyone who has been given their number. And that’s it. No complications, no unnecessary functions and no need for lengthy user guides.

The OwnFone handset has nice big buttons and comes with 12 month warranty and our airtime plans are affordable and flexible. The OwnFone is ideal for senior’s people or those who just want to make and receive calls without fuss or confusion. 

Our handsets aren’t just about ease of use and safety, they are also great value for money. 

Handsets cost just £85 and our airtime plans are affordable and flexible. What’s more, we don’t tie our users into lengthy contracts. You can amend your airtime plan with just 30 days’ notice.

Fully customisable phones for the family

Easy to use  ✔
To make a call just press the button

Small and light  ✔
OwnFone is credit card sized and only weighs 40g

Customised  ✔
We will design your OwnFone in your branding

Non stigmatising  ✔
Looks very different from a red button alarm

Wearable ✔
We supply a colour matched lanyard with every OwnFone Mobile

Safe and secure  ✔
OwnFone Mobile only calls the people you choose

Ready to use ✔
OwnFone arrives ready to use.

Available in any colour  ✔
Branded to your business or personalised by you

Just turn on, make a call and start talking

Our mobile telecare solution

Telecare solutions from Anywhere Care & OwnFone

OwnFone Mobile is a cost effective, secure and reliable way of providing telecare which is truly mobile.

Our Mobile is pre-programmed to your Alarm Receiving Centre and cannot be deleted. A simple press of the call button connects your client to you immediately.

Unlike traditional pendant alarms, the OwnFone Mobile allows the user freedom and independence outside the home, whilst still providing care if needed.

The handsets are fully customised to your branding so are less stigmatising for the user as they look and feel like a little mobile phone.

Using a fully roaming SIM, OwnFone Mobile will automatically connect to the strongest available network.

We are members of the TSA (Telecare Services Association) and BHTA (British Healthcare Trades Association) and comply with the Trading Standards code of conduct. 

I have enjoyed the one-to-one service we have received, I can honestly say OwnFone is a great initiative with a first class friendly service.
— Community Alarms Supervisor, Sandwell MBC

OwnFone Mobile in hospital discharge

OwnFone and hospital discharge

OwnFone Mobile is being used effectively as a way of discharging patients from hospital. 

Without the need for landlines or expensive GSM units, patients are provided with an OwnFone Mobile in their discharge package. The handset is connected to the local telecare provider.

OwnFone Mobile provides a safe and secure way of re-enablement so that assessments can be done when the patient is back at home.

OwnFones are provided for a fixed period of time to allow for further assistive technology to be installed if necessary. The units are then are recycled back to the hospital or transferred to a rental option if the patient wants to keep them.

Studies have shown that providing OwnFone handsets are making a cost saving for the NHS whilst allowing the patient to go home as soon as they are well enough. 

OwnFone and Footprint are fast becoming increasingly popular in our discharge packages as they provide that extra peace of mind and safety to discharged patients and their families, when returning home. There is the added benefit of ensuring that delayed discharges are kept to minimum and much needed hospital beds are available for those that require them most.
— Telecare Manager, London Borough of Hounslow