"I activated my footprint device whilst dealing with a person who was causing a noise nuisance.

The call went straight through to our Emergency Services Unit where the officers could pin point my exact location. I asked them to listen in whilst I issued a verbal warning to the perpetrator. The officer could clearly hear my conversation and they heard I had been assaulted. They immediately contacted the police. This was done without me having to say where I was, as the location comes straight up when the footprint is pressed. This saved me time so I could retreat back to the safety of my vehicle. Even when I was back in my vehicle the device was still on as the person was standing in front of the vehicle refusing to move and still being verbally abusive towards me.

The recording was then used by the police as evidence for a successful conviction against the person concerned."

Domestic Noise Team staff

Coventry City Council – July 2018

"When working on my own during July 2016 I left a property and was walking back towards my vehicle. On route I could hear shouting and was aware that there was a domestic dispute happening.

One of the people involved assaulted a member of the public with a bottle.

I pressed my Footprint ‎and broke up the fighting. Whilst standing in between the members of public the staff in the office were able to hear all that was going on, without me having to speak the staff could use the Footprint Finder platform to get my location and arrange for police to attend at the same time.

By having the Footprint call through to our monitoring centre ‎the call was automatically recorded and this recording has been provided to the police for them to present as evidence during the Magistrates court case."

Business Development Manager

Forestcare, Bracknell Forest Council

"The new features and design have made a great product even better and simpler to use. The fact that the OwnFone now talks to you and tells you what you are doing will help Dad greatly with the impending loss of sight. The charging unit now is a stand is also a great idea & is much easier to see when charging and when charging complete. Having lights to show when needing charging and fully charged. Brilliant!"

Stephen - OwnFone Customer

“My mother struggled to remember how to use her standard mobile phone, yet she really wanted to have one for the confidence and independence it gave her. When we discovered OwnFone we found the perfect solution. Not only is it easy to use, but also the support from the company is second to none. Not only does my mother have peace of mind now, but also I no longer need to give daily reminders about how to access her previous, much less intuitive phone.”

Diana - OwnFone Customer

“I bought my 93 year old mother, who is frail with bilateral hearing aids and advanced macular degeneration leading to partial sightedness. Amazingly despite her age, mild memory impairment and frailty, my mother has persisted in learning how to use her phone and is now able to both send and receive calls.”

Pauline - OwnFone Customer

I would just like to say how impressed I am with the phone that we purchased for my elderly aunt in August. She has the onset of dementia but is managing to use her phone no problem at all. She wears it around her neck all day every day and would sleep with it if the care home allowed!

Alice - OwnFone Customer